What is an Essential Oil?

If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils.

Essential Oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that are found in the roots, bark, seeds, flowers, or other areas of a plant. They are highly concentrated, which makes them very potent. They have been used for centuries for things like: food preparation, aromatherapy, religious ceremonies, beauty treatments, a wide variety of health care practices, and more. Essential oils are not a modern-day fad, but have been used since ancient times in a variety of ways.

Why doTERRA?

 One question I get asked a lot is, why DoTerra? Why can’t I just buy my oils from Amazon or a health food store? These are all great questions and the answer is very important! 

Science & Testing

CPTG. Beyond the organic label, dōTERRA’s oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). dōTERRA uses third-party testing to make sure that their oils are safe, effective and top-quality. They are the only company in the world that does a multi-point testing procedure to ensure that every. single. batch – literally every drop – is pure from contaminants and fillers and absolutely safe for use by you and your family.

dōTERRA tests eleven different ways to ensure the quality of their oils and use the most advanced testing methods available to verify the purity and potency of their oils. These tests include: stability, heavy metal, tcp/microbial, pesticide analysis, biochemical pairing, taxonomy, volatile carbon analysis and more. If you are truly looking to experience the powerful benefits of essential oils, you HAVE to be working with a pure product.

To take it a step further, dōTERRA also offers Source to You, an amazing resource where you can gain a better understanding of the sourcing and distilling process, learn more about the growers dōTERRA works with, gain insight into the impact dōTERRA is having through its cō-Impact Sourcing Initiative and ultimately see reports from the testing each specific bottle has been put through.

I don’t care where you get your oils (ok, yes I do but only because I want you to experience the benefits of true essential oils and have access to education and to feel empowered to use them properly) but will stress ANY essential oil of quality should give you the opportunity to know where it has come from and been through before making it into your home! You can learn more about Source to You and your specific oils at at www.sourcetoyou.com. Your lot number can be found on the bottom of each bottle of dōTERRA essential oil near the expiration date!

Healing Hands Foundation

Healing Hands is an international, registered non-profit organization that seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, working towards making lives free of disease and poverty, and ultimately teaching people everywhere to be self reliant.

This foundation has been involved in many projects, including the following: micro-credit loans providing renewable funding for entrepreneurs in developing communities, clean water wells and programs, building/revitalizing schools and clinics, supplying medical equipment and resources for hospitals and clinics, education on hygiene and health, and fighting child trafficking.

When you purchase oils, you’re making a difference in your own health as well as the lives of people all around the world! ♥

Quality. Quality. Quality!

There is rampant fraud in the essential oil industry and I like having the peace of mind that our oils have been put through a multitude of tests to ensure purity, potency and efficacy. All of doTERRA’s oils are 100% pure. Period. No fillers, no chemicals, no fragrance. They are beyond organic. doTERRA’s oils are the highest quality that you can get your hands on.

You may be asking yourself this question: “Why would I spend money on a wholesale membership and pay for dōTERRA when I can get oils cheaper at Walmart or even Whole Foods?” Many oils available at health food stores, Amazon, Walmart etc. have fillers or preservatives in them. Even if they say they are pure, they might not be!

Because there is no governing body (a la the FDA) overseeing what is put into all those pretty little bottles labeled as “essential oils,” companies all over the place are jumping on the bandwagon and slapping on stickers that read “Pure Essential Lavender” (or whatever, you get the point 😉). The problem is, when you take a look at the back, you’ll see it’s actually a perfume oil, or a fragrance oil, both of which are extremely toxic and should be avoided. Without question, though they say they are “pure”, those oils are *not* and they have been adulterated in some way, or diluted at best. (This is also why the label says for aromatic use only and to be avoided internally and in many cases, topically.)

Co – Impact Sourcing

When plants are grown in optimal soil, temperature and climate, they produce a higher quality of potency in essential oil. dōTERRA networks with experienced farmers around the world, master artisans in the craft of growing and distilling essential oils, that KNOW how to grow plants in their native environment. There are standards used to ensure that the plants are picked carefully and at the right time, ensuring a top-quality product AND, they work directly with the farms so there is no middleman. Amazing!

dōTERRA is helping to support economic and sustainable growth in the communities where these plants are growing. This is so important to me, as a consumer. dōTERRA calls this co-impact sourcing because it is affecting the consumer and the farmer. We get a quality product, the farmer gets a quality payment for their quality crops.

The way doTERRA gets their oils, pays their artisan and treats them is important to me. This model insures that ALL parties involved get the best deal. With over 40 artisans in over 40 countries doTERRA is offering something special. Co – impact Sourcing shows doTERRA’s commitment to bettering our world. We seek to develop long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with growers to ensure their livelihood ethically supports their families. Not only do they ensure their farmers are paid on time at beyond fair wages but they look to partner in locations where they can improve individual, social, economic and environmental well-being of the farmers and the people who live in these regions.

Between cō-Impact Sourcing and the Healing Hands Foundation, dōTERRA is truly changing lives around the globe and helping to improve not only the businesses and processes of the farmers they partner with, but the people who are living in these various regions. dōTERRA currently sources its oils from more than 40 different nations and is making huge waves not only in the essential oil industry but also on a humanitarian level! I feel SO beyond blessed to have the opportunity to support and represent a company that truly puts the needs and well-being of others above profits.

The Company Culture

And last, but certainly not least, is CULTURE. dōTERRA was founded on the principals that they would always be committed to sourcing the purest essential oils in the world while also doing all they can to give back and empower people through natural health. This is a company committed to education, support and above all cultivating meaningful relationships, whether it is with their growers, wellness advocates or loyal customers.

The friendships I have made in dōTERRA are some of the most meaningful relationships I have ever experienced. We are a group of people who want the best for each other, are committed to helping our clients get the most out of their oils and to ultimately continue sharing that there is a better way! This is WHY I choose dōTERRA and I will never stop sharing!

Are you ready to jump in and learn even more..?

Get ready, because they will change your life!!!